First thing in the morning, checking the results from last night NHL games. How many points did the Finnish players rack up? What's the situation in the leader boards? has all the info but it's cumbersome to find out the stats for Finnish players. In the mobile app, one needs to scroll sideways through all the games to see who scored what. The traditional way of checking scores, Teletext page 235 just doesn't seem right in the year 2018.

The goal of these pages is to offer the most important information from last night games quickly as well as the main stats for players and goalies. The pages work quickly in a browser and a mobile. The stats pages are responsive and display different information based on the screen size and orientation. Try turning your phone to landscape view. Moving between pages is quick and should load in less than a second.

Current features

Score page

  • Game scores updating in real time (depending on the API feed)
  • Show last nights scores until 8PM when the main page switches to tonight games
  • Some display hints showing currently ongoing games (color, animation
  • Enable filter goals from the score page based on whether a Finnish player scorer or assisted
  • Updating the scores over websockets, i.e. updates do not require a page refresh

Stats pages

  • Main stats, scoring leaders, goal leaders and goalies for all players and Finnish players
  • Highlighting Finnish players in all player stats
  • Stats pages are updated after all games for the night have been completed
  • Graphs about the goals, assists and points of Finnish players since 2010-
  • Point summary for the last round updating in real time
  • Point streaks of Finnish players during the last 10 games

The pages work best in modern browsers.

Problems / improvement ideas are welcome on Twitter: NHLFinns Twitter